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Hear from people just like you that weren’t satisfied with what they were doing to earn their income. They are now Agents with our company and have control of their income, schedule, advancement, benefits, retirement and future

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“I was working 70+ hours a week in retail and it left me stressed, frustrated and in need of a change. With all the training and personal growth, not only am I a Regional Vice President and R&R Club member maAUDIking more money than ever before, but now I’m living life on my terms”  Jill Halbreich- Orange County, CA





“As Real Estate Brokers we depended on closings and sometimes we waited weeks and even months causing us tremendous stress. Now FES is our fulltime career and FESU has paved the way to Regional Vice President and the R&R Club! Our retirement and future is set!” Waymon & Jean Kimpson- Atlanta, GA




Warren-Bauerfeld“As a business owner, I was watching my income go backwards due to a changing industry and my financial future was in jeopardy. FES was just what I needed. With the training of FESU and hard work it led me to Vice President and R&R Club. With this amount of money my future is no longer a concern!” Warren Bauerfeld- Minneapolis, MN

FES, New Life Credit Services and any of their affiliate companies make no guarantees to the level of financial success an Independent Agent can achieve. Earning substantial income with FES requires hard work, leadership and dedication and some Agents may make no money at all. All income you receive with FES will depend upon your individual effort and ability. To see our full income disclosure  Click Here

For more detailed information on our company, services, compensation, training and how to get started watch the video below.

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